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The LOMO series air conditioner is a fully inverter air conditioning unit meaning that the compressor, evaporator and all electrical components operate with inverter technology.

Split system air conditioners provide a convenient way for you to keep your home comfortable when it’s hot out, especially if you mainly need to keep certain areas cool. These systems offer some notable advantages over ducted air conditioners and window air conditioning units.

Wall Hanging Unit


Aesthetic design and Energy Efficient


Available in:

  • 9000 BTU
  • 12000 BTU
  • 18000 BTU
  • 24000 BTU
  • 28000 BTU
  • 36000 BTU

Roof/Floor Mounted


Aesthetic design and Energy Efficient

Available in:

  • 36000 BTU
  • 48000 BTU
  • 60000 BTU

Cassette Type


Aesthetic design and Energy Efficient

Available in:

  • 18000BTU
  • 24000BTU
  • 36000BTU
  • 48000BTU
  • 60000BTU

Product Features

Integrated Design

Rear case and water tray are integrated to effectively prevent dust and water leak.


Wider working voltage (only for low voltage models)

Wider working voltage design,start and operate in wide voltage between 140V to 270V.

Intelligent Auto Restart

When power is resumed after power failure,
units in the whole building won’t start up at the same.
This is to avoid impact to the electricity grid.

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