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Air Conditioners without electricity

When you hear about Air conditioners without electricity, you immediately think that such a thing would be impossible. But while it does make a lot of sense to use electricity-based AC units, the sheer fact that you can find a way to cool down your home without electricity is very exciting. And while obviously the technology differs based on what type of product you want to use, it’s still great to see that there are lots of options when it comes to cooling without electricity, and things can pay off big time!

Sending heat to space

A new technology is being built right now at the Packard Electrical Engineering Building at Stanford University that focuses on spreading heat to space via high tech, mirror-like optical surfaces. You have the AC unit inside your home and these mirror-like units are placed on the roof, and they can also include some solar panels so you can have A/C without electricity. The system works amazingly well and you will be quite impressed with how efficient and very reliable the entire process actually is. Having access to such a systems is incredible and rewarding, and the technology will only get better as time goes by.

Battery operated AC units

The idea here is that you need to acquire a battery operated fan. This type of product is maybe the best Air conditioner without electricity, and the best part about it is that you can create this out of a bucket with some filters. You do need to make sure that you use cool/ light materials and provide a way for the cold air to spread within the room. As we mentioned already, you can add filters if you want, and then you can adapt and adjust everything the way you see fit. It’s a very powerful and also quite comprehensive system that you will enjoy using again and again.

Eco Cooler

Eco Cooler is a very interesting project created by a lot of people in Bangladesh, but it’s used in many other countries as well. The reason why it’s so popular is because you don’t need expensive materials to create Air conditioners without electricity. But you will require a lot of attention to detail and you also need to be creative as well.

In order to create this you will need a piece of board that you cut similar to the size of your window. Once that is done, you drill holes in the board, these holes need to be large enough to push a plastic neck as best as possible. You need to cut the bottoms of the plastic bottles, once that is done you slide the neck of those bottles in the holes, secure them with the cap. Now you just have to hang the board on the window and the temperature inside will drop quite a bit. While this sounds like an insane contraption but it works well, and you can easily adapt it to any room you want to.

Terracotta Air conditioners without electricity

Terracotta Air Conditioner

Terracotta is widely known for the fact that it can cool down your home if you have it on your roof. But if you can create a device with lots of terracotta in it, then this will easily turn the hot air into a cool breeze. Monish Siripurapu from Ant Studio created this already, and the system really works. That being said, you do need hundreds of terracotta cones, water and wind. But if you have all the elements ready to go, the payoff can be huge, and that’s exactly what you need to think about for electricless cooling.

The way this system works is easy to understand. Thanks to clay and the evaporation of water you get to cool things down, and the terracotta will help cool things down very fast, to the point where your home will always have a cool breeze inside. The system on its own is very interesting and exciting, and you will appreciate the huge focus on results and great attention to detail. The system sounds great but obviously you will not be able to use this in residences or indoor areas. But if you have a house and you want a very creative cooling system, this might work for you. This type of cooling approach is one of the first Air conditioners without electricity in history. And as you can see it still works a lot better than you ever imagined.

Ice chest + bag of ice and a small fan

These are all great tools that you can use in order to create your own Air conditioner without electricity. It might not seem like a lot at first, but the reality is that such an approach can work a lot better than you might imagine, and you can adapt them to your own needs. You won’t have to work too much on it, but the sheer volume and quality that you can achieve here is downright outstanding every time. We do recommend you to check them out, because you can create your own DIY contraption like this and it will work beyond expectations.

Solar AC

You can add solar panels to your home and connect you’re A/C to them. While this generates electricity to the desired AC unit, the very idea that you accumulate energy from the sun does make this approach stand out when compared to others. It’s a good idea to add solar panels to your home because once you do that, you won’t have to rely on other sources of electricity anymore.

These Air conditioners without electricity ideas are ingenious, impressive, and can also be visually appealing. Of course, there are plenty of options if you want great A/C units, the idea is to create something that’s unique, exciting to use and also very powerful. You just need to check these out and see which one best suits your needs. You might be very impressed with the results!


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