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I am proud that you have come here to look at our air conditioning solutions. I personally oversee that all requests are handled as quickly, effectively, and affordably as possible. I also personally review each and every quotation to ensure that you will always get the best possible solution. We cover sales, installation, maintenance and repairs of all of our units and the thing I am most proud of is the peace of mind I am offering you with our best in class warranty and our Money-Back Guarantees.

Our factory trained staff are fully equipped to handle from the smallest single unit installation to the largest industrial central air systems. They not only have the knowledge but also the experience and more importantly competence and zeal to make every project our best.

I promise you we will always go above and beyond your expectations while saving you money in the process.

Call us today for any questions you may have and thank you for choosing Gree Jamaica Ltd.

24 Hour Emergency Service

We can provide expert 24 hour Emergency Service available to you 365 days a year for your all your air conditioning needs. We are here for you, when you need us to service both your residential and commercial properties! Call us to signup for our maintenance contract.

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Over 10 Years Experience

We have over 10 years experience in the ventilation and air conditioning industry. We believe in quality workmanship and the best customer service.

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Company History

Established in 2012, Gree Jamaica is a Jamaican family owned business with extensive experience in installation of air-conditioning systems. The company has been successfully completing numerous simple and complex projects ranging from small homes to factories and universities during these 6 years in the industry. This gives us 100% confidence about the professionalism of our employees and the quality of our work.

Our Mission

Our company provides a full spectrum of work of any level of complexity. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals, who have been in the industry for no less than 6 years. We have gained extensive experience while solving the most complex technical and organizational tasks. This allows us to provide you with service second to none.

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